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We have developed unique systems that offer complete online processing and filing of key business tax forms for businesses large and small. While many companies will handle certain portions of this process, InSource will take care of it all automatically, while providing real-time reporting and tracking.


Gather Permissions

Our system gathers permission from each individual via email or traditional mail so that tax forms can be delivered electronically.

Database Management

Database Management

During the permission gathering process, we are able to update your database with corrected mailing addresses or email addresses to improve ongoing communications and deliverability.

Once permissions are gathered, the database is segmented into opt-in (receive tax forms electronically) and opt-out (receive paper tax forms via traditional mail) groups.

Tax Docs

Create Tax Documents

Once the data is loaded and cleaned, and permission is gathered, you are able to generate tax forms via our proprietary tool.

All individuals opted-in will automatically receive their tax forms electronically via secured communications that allow them to consistently access their tax forms and information.

All individuals opted-out will have their tax forms sent to our printing facility where the tax forms will be printed and mailed.


File Tax Forms

Once completed, all tax forms will then be provided to the IRS for filing purposes.

You, as the client, will receive copies of the filed tax forms.