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Contact Employees

We will send a personalized email or letter via postal mail to each of your employees letting them know about the option to receive their tax form electronically and manage it via their own account.

Employees will be able to create an account where they can tell us how they want to receive their tax form.

Gather Permissions

We will request the permission of each employee to deliver their tax forms electronically.

Based upon their response (or non-response), we will separate employees into two groups - one that has granted permission to receive their 1099 electronically and one that has not and needs to receive their tax forms via postal mail.

Create Tax Documents

Once all information has been received, we will deliver all tax forms electronically to the employees that granted us permission to do so. We will deliver all tax forms via postal mail to any employees who opted out (or did not grant us permission).

All tax forms will then be filed with the IRS, and copies will be provided to you, the employer, as well.

Simple, fast, easy!

Create Tax Docs

Special Customization

Special Customizations

We can design the workflow and process to include any details you would like. If there is other information you would like your employees to view or would like them to have access to, just let us know. Our goal is to ensure that your business processes are as efficient as possible.